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As you may know the economic and logistical effects of COVID-19 has meant we have had to postpone our planned journey for this year. We will now set out in September 2021.

The main static part of our site remains as it was with a dedicated history of England section (Times Past), a section giving info about every country in the world (now renamed The World) and a part (Your Turn) with projects for children to do at home or in school.

In order to maintain some new weekly material on the site each week, we have two new uploads. Each Monday, at 10.00pm GMT, we will add a video podcast introduction to a separate period of our Times Past section. The uploads will occur chronologically and take into account English school holidays. The dates can be found here. Once these finish, at the end of April 2021, we will then update the figures for the countries in the The World section. These will also appear each Monday for seven weeks, continent by continent, starting with Europe, on 10th May 2021.

Then, each Friday at 10.00am GMT, we will upload some information and fun facts about a new county, or set of counties, on our English counties page.


27 November 2020
Onward we trek on our journey through England. Two counties this week, Cheshire and Staffordshire, and we row up river with a King, meet Owlbut's long-eared brother, learn about oatcakes and take a five minute interlude. It's all there from our English Counties page.

25 November 2020
Question time again. Remember the answer is somewhere on our site. Go to the question time page to see what's there this week.

23 November 2020
The Romans, part two and this time it's a full 200 years. Our little video introduction to the period can be found here.

20 November 2020
Just one county this week, Shropshire. Meet a heron, see the world's first iron bridge and find out about a King hiding in an Oak Tree. It's all happening and on our English Counties page.

18 November 2020
Question time rears its quizzical head again plus a little something for you to think about and maybe diiscuss in school or with your friends. Everything is on the question time page.

16 November 2020
The Romans are here and this time they are going to stay for nearly 400 years. Check out all the changes that happened and watch our podcast on the introduction page here.

13 November 2020
Another two places today on our virtual journey through England. We visit the county of Warwickshire and the Metropolitan Borough of the West Midlands. We encounter some unusual horse riding and a half-timbered car. Check it all out from our English Counties page.

11 November 2020
Very appropriate question for today and also last week's answer. It's all on the question time page.

9 November 2020
We've reached the Iron Age so everyone should have creaseless clothes. Not really but they did start making things with iron. You can see our introduction podcast here.

6 November 2020
Two counties for you today on our virtual journey through England. We visit Herefordshire, which Richard has never been to in real life (does he have a real life) and Worcestershire. Check them out from our English Counties page.

4 November 2020
Question time again and also a chance for you to find a mistake Richard made. Off you go to the question time page.

2 November 2020
Our latest video podcast takes you into The Bronze Age and we apologise if third isn't good enough for you. There's also that stray letter to look out for so you can take part in our Treasure Hunt.

30 October 2020
Back on our virtual journey through England today and all ready for when you go back to school on Monday. Today we're in Gloucestershire and, as Richard's been there, some of the photos are his including this shot of the village of Bibury.

28 October 2020
Question time is not on a half-term break so there's a new one uploaded today. Go and have a look at our question time page.

21 October 2020
On this day, in 1805, Admiral Lord Nelson was killed. At another battle, 49 years later, two items of clothing were involved. It's all on our question time page.

19 October 2020
A new video podcast introduces the Stone Age. It's here. Don't foget to look out for that stray letter so you can take part in our Treasure Hunt and listen carefully, does Owlbut call Richard an elephant.

16 October 2020
Oxford is known as the City of Dreaming Spires and it won't surprise you to know it is in Oxfordshire and that's where our journey through the English Counties takes us this week.

14 October 2020
On this day, in 1066, the Battle of Hastings took place. Obviously our question is about something completely different. Take a look on our question time page.

12 October 2020
We're moving on now and have uploaded today our introduction video to The Mesolithic Age in our Times Past section.

9 October 2020
Today we bring you facts about 3 more counties, namely Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire. Go to the English Counties page and have a read.

7 October 2020
The first of our just-for-fun questions in on our question time page.

5 October 2020
We have now uploaded our introduction to The Ice Age (here) in our Times Past section plus a video telling you how all the continents got to where they are in our The World section (here).

2 October 2020
The first of our weekly uploads in our English counties section appears today. It can be found here. Check it out.


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