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Podcast number 24 - July 6th.

Archived podcasts are here.

Keeping Safe On The Internet

6 July 2020
Here comes a new trivia, last week's answer, news of what you can expect with this week's topic, namely The Georgians, and a general chat between Richard and Owlbut.

3 July 2020
We answer your questions on the Tudors, tell you about a time change and Owlbut shares his birthday party video.

29 June 2020
Another Monday podcast with news of THE birthday party which left Owlbut a little tired. The Stuarts are the topic to cover and we have a new Monday trivia, full of animals in more ways than was intended.

26 June 2020
A rather unusual Friday podcast as we don't answer any of the questions you didn't send in. However, Owlbut continues to get excited about his birthday. Again.

23 June 2020
As part of Owlbut's birthday week celebrations, Amber shows you how to draw the fluffy little owl. See it here.

22 June 2020
Amber's back in charge of the podcast with a special, secret (from Owlbut) announcement. She also thinks Henry VII's child called Margaret was his son but, luckily, corrects herself. It's been a busy week.

19 June 2020
We're back podcasting and answering your questions about the second Plantagenet period from 1301-1400. Podcast further down this page. Also you have the chance to make your own war of the roses flowers. That's in our Get Creative, Let's Make it section

15 June 2020
There's a new podcast down in the bottom left of this page and, as promised, here are the answers to the brain teaser we set you on Saturday, see a bit further down this box.

14 June 2020
Fancy making a shield. Amber shows you how here

13 June 2020
Find out what you'll be learning about next week with our tricky little brainteaser, Answer on Monday.

12 June 2020
Our usual Friday podcast where we answer your questions and this week it's the Plantagenets or, as Amber and Owlbut say, the plant people. It's all here in the bottom left corner.

8 June 2020
It's Amber's first podcast and it's really good. Owlbut would like it known that he is in it too and that his birthday, June 27th, was mentioned. He got so excited he fell off his perch. Watch it from this page.

5 June 2020
Your questions answered about the Vikings and the Normans in our new podcast.

1 June 2020
New podcast, new trivia plus some changes to the lower yellow banner to fit in with the development of our website.

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