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In September of this year we will set out on our incredible journey, one that will give children the chance to learn more about their country. This website, and the material on it now, has been produced for no charge and the whole site is, and will remain, completely free to access.

If like us you really believe that children should be able to learn, to imagine, to think, to create without the need for exams or grades then we would ask for you to join us and make that possible. Firstly we would love you to subscribe to Owlbut's YouTube channel, again that's free, and it can be found here. Secondly, we need a small contribution to let us continue with this work. If you're a business we can give you an amazing amount of exposure for very little outlay (check that out here) and if you are an individual or a family, we can offer you some extra fun goodies and benefits, again for just a small donation (check that out here and click the button).

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23rd May 2022
SITE NEWS - 2022

The "Using our site" section is now complete. It tells you much about everything.

23 May
No new uploads to the site until June 3rd when we will have much to upload, much to tell and much to celebrate.

16 May
It's Monday so there must be a new England on a Plate in the English counties section and a new Have a Go in the Club section. I've just checked, there is. Gloucestershire Squab and Water Gruel. Now you've got to have a look.

9 May
We have a new Have A Go for the Stuarts period. It's, as usual, in the Club section.

6 May
It's a new month, it's Friday so that means a new paragraph in our Treasure Hunt story. Go to the Club page and find the birds.

2 May
Marzipan desserts are the Have A Go this week. Sweet. Meanwhile the Herefordshire Cider cake makes its appearance on the England On A Plate series.

25 April
When is a cake a biscuit, when it's from Shrewsbury in Shropshire. See our latest On A Plate. Fancy a bit of origami. Check out the latest Have A Go. Richard's a black belt in origami; attack him and he folds.

18 April
There's a new On A Plate in the English Counties section, in West Midlands and a new Have A Go in the Club section.

4 April
BIG NEWS. In preparing for how things will happen when we start our journey, all uploads to the site will now appear on a Monday. For the next few months that will be Engand On A Plate, Have A Go and What's Happening. It all re-starts on Monday April 18th, Easter Monday.

2 April
Stage 4 of our Treasure Hunt can now be found in its correct place on our Club pages. Also, as from Monday 18 April, our What's Happening section will appear as a short little video in this box each week. A reason to wake up bright and early on a Monday morning unless you live outside of the United Kingdom and the time is different

The main part of our site, reached from the items on the banner above, has a section giving info about every country in the world (cleverly named The World), lets you study a complete history of England (Times Past), takes you on a virtual journey, through every county and metropolitan borough in England, invites you to do and share with others a set of projects (Your Turn) and has a fun part for you to enjoy (The Club). Break

The top set of banners are for our young followers while the lower ones are more explanatory for adults. Break

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Owlbut has changed the colours on his front page to Blue which, combined with our usual yellow, is our way of offering support to the people and leaders of Ukraine. Fighting and wars solve nothing.