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The main part of our site, reached from the items on the banner above, has a section giving info about every country in the world (cleverly named The World), lets you study a complete history of England (Times Past), takes you on a virtual journey, through every county and metropolitan borough in England, invites you to do and share with others a set of projects (Your Turn) and has a fun part for you to enjoy (The Club).

We hope you will enjoy watching and reading the material on our site and would love to know that our info creates an infectious desire for you to find out more.

22 October

This week's Have A Go video is all about checking out the CO2 emissions of countries. We also talk about COP26 and how governments talk and don't do. Even the Queen is irritated, Greta Thunberg slightly more than irritated. Our view on all the nice-talk-but-no-action blah, blah, blah is here.

21 October

The "Dirt is Good" project which we have linked to from the "Our Environment" project in our Your Turn section has, today, officially launched. You can either check it it out from the project page or go direct to it here

18 October

You can now eat Surrey and Berkshire. Maids of Honour tarts and Eton Mess. So easy but amazing how Richard makes them look more difficult. It's a skill you know.
15 October

There's a new Have A Go video sitting in the CLUB section just waiting for you to watch it. Go here to see it.

11 October

Two for the price of one this week, although as the whole site is free this may not be quite the bargain it sounds. East and West Sussex have now had videos added to their "Eats" section. It's Pond Pudding and Plum Heavies. Go take a look then give it a try.

8 October

Whether the weather is wet or whether the weather is dry, we tell you how to "Have A Go" at recording it. Check it out here

4 October

We've taken on the challenge of cooking a Canterbury Apple Tart and you can see the result in the Kent part of our English Counties section. Sadly, you can't taste, smell or touch it. Owlbut seemed to want to eat a grey squirrel.

1 October

The second of our "Have A Go" videos is now uploaded. It's in the CLUB section. Check it out.

27 September

The second of our attempts to cook recipes based on the food we mention in the English Counties section is now on our Suffolk page. Go and watch the video there.

24 September

The first proper "Have A Go" section is on site. It's in the CLUB section or, if you're still lazy, it's here.

20 September

The first of our attempts to cook recipes based on the food we mention in the English Counties section is now uploaded. You need to go to our Norfolk page to see the video.

17 September

The introduction to our "Have A Go" section is on site. It's in the CLUB section or, if you're lazy, it's here.

5 July
  • Section in "What's Happening" on THE CLUB page tells you our future plans.
  • Section called "Meet The Owl" on THE CLUB page tells you how you and your school can book a face-to-face meeting with us.
  • Our "Treasure Hunt" on THE CLUB page is now ready for you to work out the answer and win a prize.
  • Our ENGLISH COUNTIES section is complete and ready for you to browse.
  • The JOURNEYS page tells you our plans for 2022-2024.

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