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The main part of our site lets you study a complete history of England section (Times Past), has a section giving info about every country in the world (cleverly named The World) and a part (Your Turn) with projects for children to do at home or in school. This year we have two new sections, or to be precise one new section and an addition to an existing one. Uploads to these sections will appear by 6.00 pm every Friday but allowing for English school holidays.

The new section is called English counties and can be accessed from every page via the menu in our top banner. The pages will take you on a fun virtual journey through every county and metropolitan borough in England. Each county or borough will have its own page and there will be a few facts (size, population density etc.) and some fun facts, the same headings for each county. Go and check out the ones we have already done and see when future uploads will happen.

The addition is in the form of an introductory podcast to each time period in our Times Past section. The uploads will occur chronologically. The dates for each period still to be done can be found here.

We hope you will enjoy watching and reading the material on our site and hope that it may make you want to find out more for yourself.


9 April 2021
We're back. Hope you had a good Easter and we greet you with three more counties or metropolitan boroughs this week, all in the North West Of England. You can read about Lancashire, Greater Manchester and Merseyside. We have another question for you, the answer to last time's and our little podcast introduction to the Georgians.

20 March 2021
We're now taking an Easter break. The next uploads will be on Friday 9th April. See you then.

19 March 2021
A fun-filled set of uploads today. Our virtual journey through England hops across the sea to the Isle of Man, a journey Richard remembers from 1985. Don't ask him to bring it up although, sadly, he did. We find cats with no tails, men with three legs and a unique place on earth. We have a really tricky question for you in Question Time on the Club page and we introduce you to the Stuarts and the time England had no monarch.

12 March 2021
Another Friday, another set of uploads. Just one county in the English counties section, Cumbria, our video introduction to the Tudors in the Times Past section and another question on our Club pages. Find out how many lakes in the Lake District, why you nearly might not be reading this, who invented the flushing toilet and see a little video of Owlbut as he sets off to see his family. It's all there.

5 March 2021
We've reached the northern most county of England this week. We've been all the way up the east coast and we are in Northumberland. Here we visit some islands, cross a causeway and learn about the confused town of Berwick. On the Club pages, we give you the answer to last week's question and test you with another. Our Times Past uploads will return next week.

26 February 2021
Two counties or boroughs this week. In one of them you will find one of the best loved (by him) and most respected (by him) person on our planet and possibly any other planet. Check out Durham and Tyne and Wear from our English Counties page. Also the most fiendishly difficult question we have given you so far. That's on the Club pages.

19 February 2021
Only a counties upload this week, we'll be back with the Times Past ones on 12th March. However we have got you a new question. Good luck.

17 February 2021
Hi everyone. Owlbut wants me to tell you that, as it's almost breeding time for short-eared owls, he's decided to fly back and see his friends and family for a while. He hasn't seen anyone since 2017 so he's really looking forward to it. He'll be back at the end of April.

All the weekly uploads on a Friday will still go ahead as planned with a slight difference that you can find out about this Friday, 19th February. It will be a bit lonely for me without him and so I can't wait for him to come back.

8 February 2021
Our history of 2020 is now on site. You can read it here. Then again as it was only last year you probably know most of what happened but we do tell you about some other pandemics.

5 February 2021
Three counties this week but all of them part of Yorkshire. We're going from East to West through the South. Some very personal memories for Richard. Meanwhile we have a new question and an introduction to the century when the Wars of the Roses took place. All on our site.

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