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Hi, I'm Owlbut! Welcome to my Fun World of Learning!

My site has a section giving info about every country in the world (The World), lets you read a complete history of England (Times Past), takes you on a virtual journey through the counties of England (English Counties), invites you to do and share with others a set of projects (Your Turn – you can see the hours of thinking that went into this titling process), and has a fun part for you to enjoy (Fun Things). We also have a brand new section called Owlbut's School of the Air which you really must check out. If you want to find info about anything on my site, there's a search bar just above this.


19 April 2024. It's another Friday blog and we're looking at Wednesday's programme for our School of the Air. More academic this time and looking, alternately, at History and Geography but all in a fun, exciting, hands-on way.

15 April 2024. Owlbutcast looks at the origins of the fighting in the Middle East.

12 April 2024. We trust your Easter break is going along nicely. Weather's not been too bad, just the odd storm and plague of locusts. This week our Friday blog looks at Tuesday's programme for our School of the Air. A nice, relaxing day with Molly, a book and the little den she built. She sings while she's working, did you know?

9 April 2024. Early April and it's time for another Education podcast. This time Molly and Richard make a forceful point for a complete change in how we educate our children.

5 April 2024. We hope you had a good Easter. We did. The blog is back, now reduced in frequency to a Friday but no reduction in quality or information. We begin to tell you more details about the School of the Air but make no mention of why Molly had to help Richard up from his position of lying in the mud on Good Friday.

25 March 2024. It's a Monday and that means it's time for another Owlbutcast, the last one until April 15th as we join most of you and take a two week break for Easter. Enjoy the break, the eggs and, who knows, some nice weather.

22 March 2024. The last Friday blog before Easter and, a couple of days earlier than we promised, the full programme and some more information about the school of the air. That should give you something to read while eating your Easter eggs. Happy Easter from all of us.

19 March 2024. Tuesday's blog has a spooky element but, more seriously, looks at childcare..

18 March 2024. It's Owlbutcast time again and this week we look at the internet.

15 March 2024. Friday means it's time for the Friday blog. We do not wish to disappoint.

12 March 2024. Having, according to Owlbut, lost out on the chance of an OBE in yesterday's video, Richard now takes on the government in Tuesday's blog.

11 March 2024. Owlbutcast topically looks at photos on the net and how they could be altered. According to Owlbut, Richard also loses their chances of an OBE.

8 March 2024. Friday means it's time for the Friday blog and so here it is.

6 March 2024. Our little extra Owlbutcast with news of what was in the budget is now on-line.

5 March 2024. Our Tuesday blog is here, this time written by Molly as she tries to help Richard, and maybe you, understand about mindfulness.

4 March 2024. Owlbutcast looks at the budget and what it is all about.

3 March 2024. Our March podcast makes an early appearance.

1 March 2024. The Friday blog is here, trying to solve an unsolvable problem.

This bottom set of banners, which only appear on the front page, are more explanatory for adults. Once again we have titled them brilliantly as there is a page where we will upload a daily blog (called The Blog), a page which children might like to read telling you about us and also the background to the whole idea (called About Us and The Background), some info about the site as of now and our future plans (called Our Site Now and Our Future Plans - no surprises so far), our views on education (Education), our sponsors and supporters (Partners) and the various ways you an get in touch with us (Get In Touch).

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