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With another period of school closures, check out "Our Thoughts” and "Education" sections for help, ideas and how our site might help out in these difficult and stressful times for both teachers and parents.

Meanwhile. the main part of our site lets you study a complete history of England section (Times Past), has a section giving info about every country in the world (cleverly named The World) and a part (Your Turn) with projects for children to do at home or in school. This year we have two new sections, or to be precise one new section and an addition to an existing one. Uploads to these sections will appear by 6.00 pm every Friday but allowing for English school holidays.

The new section is called English counties and can be accessed from every page via the menu in our top banner. The pages will take you on a fun virtual journey through every county and metropolitan borough in England. Each county or borough will have its own page and there will be a few facts (size, population density etc.) and some fun facts, the same headings for each county. Go and check out the ones we have already done and see when future uploads will happen.

The addition is in the form of an introductory video podcast to each time period in our Times Past section. The uploads will occur chronologically. The dates for each period still to be done can be found here. Once these finish, at the beginning of May 2021, we will then update the figures for the countries in The World section. These will also appear on a Friday starting on the 14th May 2012 and finishing on the 25th June of the same year.

We hope you will enjoy watching and reading the material on our site and hope that it may make you want to find out more for yourself.


15 January 2021
Three uploads today, all can be reached from links on the top banner. Suffolk is our latest county in the English Counties section, there's the first question of 2021 reached through The Club section (Question Time) and an introduction to the Times Past Mainly the Normans section. What can we say. Enjoy.

10 January 2021
Richard gives you some ideas on how to make use of our site during school closures here

He also shares some of his most recent views on education in this section.

We know how really difficult it is for everyone during this time and hope we can offer some help, reassurance and advice coming from nearly 40 years of involvement in education and learning.

1 January 2021
We're back. Lots of new things. Lots of new plans and one big plan we are having to give up on, for the time being at least. Take a look around. Check out the Journeys page and see our plans for September.

The top set of banners are for our young followers while the lower ones are more explanatory for adults.

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