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Hi, I'm Owlbut! Welcome to my Fun World of Learning!

My site has a section giving info about every country in the world (The World), lets you read a complete history of England (Times Past), takes you on a virtual, and from January 2024 a real, journey through the counties of England (English Counties), invites you to do and share with others a set of projects (Your Turn – you can see the hours of thinking that went into this titling process), and has a fun part for you to enjoy (Fun Things). We also have a brand new section called Owlbut's School of the Air which you really must check out. If you want to find info about anything on my site, there's a search bar at the foot of this page.


12th November 2023. Today is Diwali also known as the Festival of Light. It is an important festival and we have uploaded a little video in our Extra Fun Videos page where we tell you more about it and also show you how you could make a Diwali candle.

11th November 2023. Today is known as Remembrance Day. In 1919 King George V had called for all countries in the British Empire to grind to a halt for two minutes of silent reflection, to honour those killed in the First World War. The silence would happen on November 11 at 11.00am, to coincide with the anniversary of the armistice agreement that ended the war. He asked that "All locomotion should cease, so that, in perfect stillness, the thoughts of everyone may be concentrated on reverent remembrance of the glorious dead." This became the first Remembrance day although, at the time, it was known as Armistice Day. It has been celebrated on this day ever since. You can read more about it here and we have also put a little video on our Extra Fun Videos page telling you a bit more and showing you how to make your own poppy.

8th November 2023. Fancy a bug hunt. Join Molly on hers and see what you might find. It's all on our Extra Fun Videos page.

5th November 2023. Look at the date and, 418 years on, we succeeded while Guy Fawkes failed. Slight difference as he was trying to blow up Parliament and we wanted to get our November Education podcast out nice and early. It's here. and I must ask Molly why she has stored 36 barrels of something in my spare room. You can read the Guy Fawkes story here.

3rd November 2023. Winter is approaching. Time for some animals to hibernate and we show you how you could help them. There's a new video on our Extra Fun Videos page where Molly tells you about hibernation and shows you how to make a hedgehog home.

23rd October 2023. Half term dragging a bit. Weather not that good. Pop over to our new Extra Fun Videos page and learn more about Halloween and how to cook Halloween Soul Cakes. You can then have some fun indoors.

21st October 2023. We'd thought we'd let our adult followers know, we are now on social media. You can find us on Facebook here and on Instagram here. Needless to say Richard had little to do with it as he's still trying to understand Morse Code which is on our website.

16th October 2023. Two new videos for you to watch. The first one, here tells you why we are doing what we do on our site, while the other one, which is here tells you all about our new School of the Air section that will go live in January 2024.

5th October 2023. The latest education podcast has Richard and Molly telling you about their personal experiences in regard to not attending school. Richard's story gives a particular insight into how such behaviour was treated 60 years ago. All can be heard here.

9th September 2023. A new education podcast is here and marks the start of our new partnership with Molly

This bottom set of banners, which only appear on the front page, are more explanatory for adults. Once again we have titled them brilliantly as there is a page telling you about us that children might like to read too (called About Us), another page explaining the background (called The Background), some info about the site (called The Site - no suprises so far), Richard's, and for more recent ones Molly's, views on education (Education), our sponsors and supporters (Partners) and the various ways you an get in touch with us (Get In Touch).

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