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We're into Africa now. All will be complete on 17 July 2019.

The next countries are:
  •   20th May:  Djibouti
  •   21st May:  Somalia
  •   22nd May: Ethiopia
  •   23rd May:  South Sudan
  •   24th May:  Kenya


20 May 2019
Another week, another country, another small journey south through Africa. Today we are looking at Djibouti, a country where the capital city has the same name as the country. Not a big country.

17 May 2019
We finish the week in Eritrea which gained independence for the final time in 1991. Life expectancy for males is 62 and access to safe drinking water is limited and proper sanitation for most people is poor. Check it out.

16 May 2019
All week in the Sahara desert and we've reached Sudan and the east coast of Africa. Sudan is the 3rd largest country in Africa and its capital, Khartoum, is where the White Nile meets the Blue Nile.

15 May 2019
The Sahara desert continues into Chad and so do we. Chad is the sixth largest country in Africa. The Sahara is the largest non-polar desert in the world, covering 3.5 million square miles or 9 million square kms. It's pretty hot in Chad today not surprisingly.

14 May 2019
Niger today, named after the Niger River that flows through the country, the third longest river in Africa. Niger is Africa's 5th largest country but 80% is in the Sahara desert. Infant mortality is high, literacy low.

13 May 2019
Moving east across Africa we look at Mali, the 8th largest country by area in Africa. There's gold and salt in Mali, the temperature this week is in the high 30s and the Sahara desert is in the north, the Niger river in the south. Contrasts abound.

10 May 2019
We turn east and begin our look at countries that will take us from the Atlantic Ocean to the Red Sea and through the Sahara Desert, all in a week. It starts today in Mauritania.

9 May 2019
Nearly quoting old Bill Shakespeare, once more into a disputed territory, dear friends, once more …..and the blast of war blows in our ears. Tigerishly we stop going west and turn south into Western Sahara. Their National Anthem has strong words too.

8 May 2019
Today we look at Morocco on the north west corner of the African continent.

7 May 2019
It did catch on (see yesterday). Today we look at Algeria with its capital of Algiers. Not as hot as I thought it might be over the next few days and a bit high on CO2 emissions.

6 May 2019
We head west across the top of Africa into Tunisia, a country who put a great deal of thought into naming their capital city. Could this catch on? The ancient site of Carthage and the Antonine baths lasted longer than his wall.

3 May 2019
Moving west to Libya today, a country ruled for 42 years by a dictator and now in total chaos after he was overthrown.

2 May 2019
We enter Africa and start in Egypt, home to the Pyramids, the Pharaohs and sand. We may all be descended from a tribe which left Africa about 100,000 years ago, which makes you a relation of Richard's. Sorry.

1 May 2019
The disputed territory of Palestine and the dependencies in Asia are what we look at today. Unfortunately we have very little information on Palestine. This also ends our look Asia

30 April 2019
Today we look at Israel, In 1947 the UN recommended a partition of the state of Palestine, split between Jews and Arabs. In 1948, after a short war, the state of Israel was established but conflict continues.

29 April 2019
We restart our look at the countries of the world with one of the last in Asia, namely Jordan. On Thursday we will start to look at Africa and then we're done. The world has been conquered. Factually at least.

14 April 2019
Today was the 1,000 World Championship race since the championship started in 1950. History is not all about wars and battles, kings and queens so Owlbut tells you about that first race here.

12 April 2019
We end our week, and take a 2 week Easter break, by looking at Saudi Arabia. It is the 5th largest country in Asia by area but only the 20th highest population.

11 April 2019
Yemen became a country in 1990 when North and South Yemen merged. Since then there have been numerous civil wars, the most recent starting back in 2011 and resulting in a horrendous humanitarian crisis today.

10 April 2019
Oman is a country, a Sultanate, at the foot of the Persian Gulf and strategically very important. The present Sultan is the longest serving ruler in the Arab world coming to power in 1970

9 April 2019
The UAE is a federation of monarchies. The federation council is made up of the Emirs of each emirate. The seven are Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras al Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm al Quwain.

8 April 2019
Last full week in Asia begins in Qatar, famous for disproving the rule that Q has to be followed by U. Qatar has 1 elderly person (over 65) to each 100 people of working age, one of the lowest in the world.

5 April 2019
We end our penultimate full Asian week in Bahrain, the third smallest country in Asia. Unemployment is low except among young females. You need the dinar to buy your dinner even in a diner.

4 April 2019
Today it's Kuwait. Not only can you find out our facts in the Know Your Continent section but we also have a Times Past page about the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq in 1990. That one's here

3 April 2019
We look at another war-torn country today, Iraq. If you're interested it was once part of a large area known as Mesopotamia. If you're not, it still was. "Maybe where the wheel was invented", said a spokesman

2 April 2019
Today, Syria, a country ranked last on the Global Peace Index making it the most war-torn country in the world. Accurate population figures are difficult because of the number of refugees and displaced people.

1 April 2019
Off we go and we're looking at Lebanon. Occupied by Syrian troops until 2005 and some Israeli forces in the south of the country, it is now estimated that there are over 1.5 million Syrian refugees in Lebanon.