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14 July 2019
Sorry, I was a day late this week with my little blog but there's quite a lot going on. Still it's here now.

6 July 2019
Here's Owlbut's latest blog.

28 June 2019
Owlbut's blog is here today

27 June 2019
Check out our latest news and why today is a special day.

25 June 2019
All African countries are now uploaded. Pick the one you want to know about here

24 June 2019
Another week, another African country, another Congo. The Republic of Congo, not to be confused with the Democratic Republic of Congo, is not as large or as densely populated, but it is, weather-wise, just as hot.

23 June 2019
Bit of an update to our 2016 page to celebrate??? 3 years since the EU referendum.

21 June 2019
The Central African Republic is one of the poorest and unhealthiest countries in the world. They have approximately 6 doctors for each 100,000 people. Life expectancy for males is just over 50 years.

20 June 2019
The Democratic Republic of Congo is the second largest country in Africa, the fourth most populated and the largest French speaking country in the world. It's big but with only 37 kms of coastline.

19 June 2019
We travel up the west coast of Africa to Angola, the 7th largest country in Africa. Once a Portuguese colony now among the fastest growing economies in the world but with low life expectancy, high infant mortality, any wealth is unevenly distributed.

18 June 2019
We are now in Namibia, the least populated country in southern Africa and the second lowest in Africa. Sanitation is poor in rural areas and unemployment high everywhere.

17 June 2019
Another week and Botswana is the second least densely populated country in southern African and the fifth lowest in all of Africa. Life expectancy is below 57 for males and 54 for females.

14 June 2019
We finish the week in South Africa, the only African country to have a coastline on both the Atlantic and Indian Ocean. It also has 3 capital cities and 11 official languages.

13 June 2019
Today we are in Lesotho. It is one of only 3 countries in the world completely within another country. The other 2 are San Marino and the Vatican State, both enclosed within Italy.

12 June 2019
In April 2018, King Mswati III announced he was changing his country's name from Swaziland to eSwatini. You can do that when you're a king.

11 June 2019
It's a neighbour of Zambia today, Zimbabwe which was known as Southern Rhodesia until 1965. These are the only two countries in the world beginning with the letter Z. X has none and O, Q, and Y have one.

10 June 2019
We start this week in Zambia which, until 1964, was known as Northern Rhodesia. Zambia has a high birth rate and a low life expectancy meaning the median age is less than 17. The average children per female is six.

7 June 2019
Before 1964, Malawi was known as Nyasaland. Half of the present population are under 17 years of age and life expectancy for males is under 60. One fifth of the potential workforce are unemployed

6 June 2019
Back on mainland Africa today, it's Mozambique. Thanks to Vasco da Gama, Mozambique was under Portuguese rule for over 400 years. It has the 4th longest coastline in Africa; bet Vasco din't know that.

5 June 2019
Our final island country for a while is Comoros. The islands were formed by volcanic activity. Five colours on the flag, three official languages and pretty hot with some rain over the next few days.

4 June 2019
When Richard was young, he used to play a board game called Zoo Quest which was made around a TV programme made by an also young David Attenborough. In the game you travelled around Africa "collecting" animals. In Madagascar you could find the ring-tailed lemur. You still can. Madagascar is also the fourth largest island in the world.

3 June 2019
We finished last week on some islands in the Indian Ocean and we begin this week on some more. This time it is the country of Mauritius. The island was the only known home of the dodo before it became dead as.

2 June 2019
The coronation of Queen Elizabeth II took place on this day in 1953 and caused immense confusion to a 3¾ year old Richard. Read why here. It means he's really old because no one under the age of 66 has ever seen a British coronation.

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