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I've set this website up so everyone can learn more about their world but also have some fun while doing it. There's lots to do and see and you can also join in. At the moment we are just finishing uploading some info about every country in the world. We're into Africa now. All will be complete on 17 July 2019. Take a look around.

The next countries are:
  •   17th June: Botswana
  •   18th June: Namibia
  •   19th June: Angola
  •   20th June: Democratic Republic of Congo
  •   21st June: Central African Republic


19 June 2019
We travel up the west coast of Africa to Angola,the 7th largest country in Africa. Once a Portuguese colony now among the fastest growing economies in the world but with low life expectancy, high infant mortality, any wealth is unevenly distributed.

18 June 2019
We are now in Namibia, the least populated country in southern Africa and the second lowest in Africa. Sanitation is poor in rural areas and unemployment high everywhere.

17 June 2019
Another week and Botswana is the second least densely populated country in southern African and the fifth lowest in all of Africa. Life expectancy is below 57 for males and 54 for females.

14 June 2019
We finish the week in South Africa, the only African country to have a coastline on both the Atlantic and Indian Ocean. It also has 3 capital cities and 11 official languages.

13 June 2019
Today we are in Lesotho. It is one of only 3 countries in the world completely within another country. The other 2 are San Marino and the Vatican State, both enclosed within Italy.

12 June 2019
In April 2018, King Mswati III announced he was changing his country's name from Swaziland to eSwatini. You can do that when you're a king.

11 June 2019
It's a neighbour of Zambia today, Zimbabwe which was known as Southern Rhodesia until 1965. These are the only two countries in the world beginning with the letter Z. X has none and O, Q, and Y have one.

10 June 2019
We start this week in Zambia which, until 1964, was known as Northern Rhodesia. Zambia has a high birth rate and a low life expectancy meaning the median age is less than 17. The average children per female is six.

7 June 2019
Before 1964, Malawi was known as Nyasaland. Half of the present population are under 17 years of age and life expectancy for males is under 60. One fifth of the potential workforce are unemployed

6 June 2019
Back on mainland Africa today, it's Mozambique. Thanks to Vasco da Gama, Mozambique was under Portuguese rule for over 400 years. It has the 4th longest coastline in Africa; bet Vasco din't know that.

5 June 2019
Our final island country for a while is Comoros. The islands were formed by volcanic activity. Five colours on the flag, three official languages and pretty hot with some rain over the next few days.

4 June 2019
When Richard was young, he used to play a board game called Zoo Quest which was made around a TV programme made by an also young David Attenborough. In the game you travelled around Africa "collecting" animals. In Madagascar you could find the ring-tailed lemur. You still can. Madagascar is also the fourth largest island in the world.

3 June 2019
We finished last week on some islands in the Indian Ocean and we begin this week on some more. This time it is the country of Mauritius. The island was the only known home of the dodo before it became dead as.

2 June 2019
The coronation of Queen Elizabeth II took place on this day in 1953 and caused immense confusion to a 3¾ year old Richard. Read why here. It means he's really old because no one under the age of 66 has ever seen a British coronation.

31 May 2019
We finish the week in the islands, the 115 islands of the Seychelles. Beaches, coral reefs, nature reserves, rainforests; what more could you want for the weekend. Let's island hop for a few more days next week too

30 May 2019
The highest mountain in Africa and some of the oldest pre-human fossils have been found in Tanzania. The capital city is not one of the five largest in the country and 6.82m have internet access

29 May 2019
In 2018 Burundi was ranked last in the UN World Happiness Report. It is a poor country, life expectancy is low and the median age about 17. Over population has resulted in massive deforestation too.

28 May 2019
We look at Rwanda today, a small country but densely populated. In 1994 it was estimated that, in four months, up to a million people may have been killed in a civil war.

27 May 2019
It's a UK Bank Holiday, it's half-term here too, but we press on to Uganda. Bit rainy there this week.

24 May 2019
Twelve of the next sixteen countries are in the British Commonwealth. Kenya is the first and it was while in Kenya that Elizabeth II became Queen in February 1952. Lions, wildebeest, elephants and zebras are among the animals in the Masia Mara park.

23 May 2019
The world's newest country, South Sudan. It became independent in 2011. High on infant mortality, low on sanitation, the UN World Happiness Report has South Sudan last but two. Next week we look at the lowest

22 May 2019
Ethiopia, the most populated landlocked country in the world and the 2nd most populated in Africa. If you're guessing the first we haven't been there yet but you could say we have been to 5/7th of it. Check May 14th.

21 May 2019
Today we upload Somalia. It has the 2nd longest coastline of all African countries and the longest of mainland countries. Now can you guess the longest, we'll be there in 2 weeks? We've already done 5, 6, 7, & 8, just the longest and 3 & 4 to go.

20 May 2019
Another week, another country, another small journey south through Africa. Today we are looking at Djibouti, a country where the capital city has the same name as the country. Not a big country.

17 May 2019
We finish the week in Eritrea which gained independence for the final time in 1991. Life expectancy for males is 62 and access to safe drinking water is limited and proper sanitation for most people is poor. Check it out.

16 May 2019
All week in the Sahara desert and we've reached Sudan and the east coast of Africa. Sudan is the 3rd largest country in Africa and its capital, Khartoum, is where the White Nile meets the Blue Nile.

15 May 2019
The Sahara desert continues into Chad and so do we. Chad is the sixth largest country in Africa. The Sahara is the largest non-polar desert in the world, covering 3.5 million square miles or 9 million square kms. It's pretty hot in Chad today not surprisingly.

14 May 2019
Niger today, named after the Niger River that flows through the country, the third longest river in Africa. Niger is Africa's 5th largest country but 80% is in the Sahara desert. Infant mortality is high, literacy low.

13 May 2019
Moving east across Africa we look at Mali, the 8th largest country by area in Africa. There's gold and salt in Mali, the temperature this week is in the high 30s and the Sahara desert is in the north, the Niger river in the south. Contrasts abound.

10 May 2019
We turn east and begin our look at countries that will take us from the Atlantic Ocean to the Red Sea and through the Sahara Desert, all in a week. It starts today in Mauritania.

9 May 2019
Nearly quoting old Bill Shakespeare, once more into a disputed territory, dear friends, once more …..and the blast of war blows in our ears. Tigerishly we stop going west and turn south into Western Sahara. Their National Anthem has strong words too.

8 May 2019
Today we look at Morocco on the north west corner of the African continent.

7 May 2019
It did catch on (see yesterday). Today we look at Algeria with its capital of Algiers. Not as hot as I thought it might be over the next few days and a bit high on CO2 emissions.

6 May 2019
We head west across the top of Africa into Tunisia, a country who put a great deal of thought into naming their capital city. Could this catch on? The ancient site of Carthage and the Antonine baths lasted longer than his wall.

3 May 2019
Moving west to Libya today, a country ruled for 42 years by a dictator and now in total chaos after he was overthrown.

2 May 2019
We enter Africa and start in Egypt, home to the Pyramids, the Pharaohs and sand. We may all be descended from a tribe which left Africa about 100,000 years ago, which makes you a relation of Richard's. Sorry.

1 May 2019
The disputed territory of Palestine and the dependencies in Asia are what we look at today. Unfortunately we have very little information on Palestine. This also ends our look Asia

Richard has superimposed me into some of his old travel photos. There'll be a new one here each day. Try to guess where he was. We'll tell you on the next day.

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