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Off we go on a 10 week journey through Asia

The next countries are:
  • 18th February: Cambodia
  • 19th February: Vietnam
  • 20th February: Laos
  • 21st February: Myanmar
  • 22nd February: Bangladesh


15 February 2019
We end the week in Thailand, a major tourist destination in Asia. It changed its name from Siam in the 1930s. Richard spent five weeks there. Check our info out here

14 February 2019
Looking at Singapore today. The second smallest country in Asia by land area and yet the sixteenth smallest by population. Also the second most densely populated country in the world after Monaco.

13 February 2019
Midweek finds us looking at Malaysia, basically a country in two parts; part on mainland Asia, part on the island of Borneo, shared with Indonesia and Brunei. See this is planned. Check Malaysia out here

12 February 2019
Today it's Brunei, a small country sharing an island with Malaysia and Indonesia. Richard spent six days in Brunei once, two of them by accident. These are his photos.
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11 February 2019
New week, new country. The Philippines is a collection of islands, over 7,000, and was named for Philip II of Spain in 1543. The sun and stars are on the flag.

8 February 2019
It's hot and rainy for the next few days in Indonesia, the sixth largest country in Asia with the third highest population.

7 February 2019
We begin 10 weeks in Asia, 12 if you count our Easter break, and start in East Timor. They became the first new country of the 21st century on 20 May 2002. New continent, new country; not a bad start.

6 February 2019
Our last day in Oceania and, as usual when we leave a continent, we have a country here and the dependencies here.

5 February 2019
It's the Solomon Islands today, all 900 of them. There are actually 6 main islands and it's looking a bit wet over the next few days, especially Friday. Weather and other info is here.

4 February 2019
We start the week in Vanuatu, home to the land divers, forerunner of the bungee jump. A fascinating tradition.

1 February 2019
Fiji today and it not only ends this week but is also the final country in Oceania that Richard has visited.

31 January 2019
Today we're looking at Australia. Home to the Aboriginal people, badly treated by the British settlers but with a very rich culture. Richard found the jumping koala in his year there and the very cute quokka is only found in two parts of Australia; nowhere else.

30 January 2019
New Zealand. Home to the Maori, the kiwi bird (still alive) the moa bird (long gone) and glaciers, volcanos, rainforests and Richard for over 4 years. Incredible landscapes.

29 January 2019
Final Polynesian country today. Tonga, where Richard found an Olympic torch (see photo), saw the then King in his London taxi and spoke to his aide. Richard liked Tonga

28 January 2019
Our second Polynesian island starts this week. It's Samoa. Richard spent an interesting time in Samoa. Two main islands Upolu and Savai'i.

25 January 2019
We finish the week in Tuvalu, an island country, part of Polynesia. With its highest point above sea level being at 5 metres, Tuvalu is in very serious danger from climate change and rising sea levels.

24 January 2019
Nauru is the country today.the smallest in Oceania. It is also one of the very few countries in the world with no capital city. According to figures it has about 45 hospital beds and 6 doctors. Our figures are here

23 January 2019
The Federated States of Micronesia are part of a group of countries known as Micronesia. Got it? A genuine island country, more than 600 of them.

22 January 2019
Today we look at Palau, yet another island country in the Pacific Ocean. There are actually over 200 islands though not many of them are inhabited. Check it here

21 January 2019
We start the week in the Marshall Islands, the second of four countries that make up the group called Micronesia.

18 January 2019
Off to Oceania, the newest continent. We start in Kiribati, made up of 33 low lying atolls. The islands stretch 2,400 miles from east to west, 1,300 miles north to south. They are in serious danger if ocean levels rise. Info is here.

17 January 2019
As usual when we finish a continent we have the last country, Chile, and the dependencies.

16 January 2019
Argentina today. Argentina has the second largest land area of any country in South America.

15 January 2019
Just 3 South American countries to go and today it's Uruguay. Uruguay has the smallest population of all South American countries. The weather looks a bit showery over the next few days. Check that here.

14 January 2019
We start this week with the only other landlocked country in South America, Bolivia was the first. This time it's Paraguay. Later this week we will leave South America.

12 January 2019
My latest blog, with a little video, is here.

11 January 2019
It's Bolivia today. Named after a Venezuelan, Simon Bolivar, who helped free six countries from Spanish rule, including, obviously Bolivia. The others were Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, Ecuador and Peru.

10 January 2019
Today it's Peru, famous for Machu Picchu and Paddington Bear, who apparently is nearly as lovable as Owlbut. Only nearly though. Peru is all here.

9 January 2019
Ecuador today. The country includes the Galapagos Islands where Charles Darwin spent a lot of time getting ideas. Read about Darwin here.

8 January 2019
We head north to the top of South America today and look at Colombia. After that it's south all the way to the bottom of this continent. Colombia is one half of the land link between North and South America.

7 January 2019
We're back, in South America, and looking at Brazil, a country so big it borders 10 of the other 12 South American countries.

5 January 2019
Blog time again and it's time for a new route. Find out here.

1 January 2019
New blog today. Find it here.