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I've set this website up so everyone can learn more about their world but also have some fun while doing it.

At the moment you can find out facts about every country in our world in the Know Your Continent section. In Times Past, you can follow the history of England from the end of the last Ice Age until today and in Get Involved we are asking all of you to join and be part of everyone's learning process.

There's lots more to do so check it all out.

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20 September 2019

Owlbut's not working today. He's joining thousands of children, who are striking to make governments and others aware they have to deal with climate change. Owlbut knows it is his little owlettes who will suffer most

14 September 2019
We've introduced an internal search engine, available from this page. It's an easy way to search for history topics, people and events and find out where you can read about them. Please let us know your thoughts and indeed any problems.

9 September 2019
Owlbut's back with a brand new blog. You can read it all here.

7 September 2019
Having failed to defeat the RAF in the Battle of Britain and pave the way for an invasion, Hitler now decided to bomb England into submission and on this day in 1940 the Blitz began. See more on this page.

3 September 2019
On this day in 1939 Britain and France declared war on Germany and World War II began. Owlbut tells you more about it here

1 September 2019
After a two-month break, we're back and ready to make this site even better. Check out our latest news here.