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Off we go on a 10 week journey through Asia

The next countries are:
  • 25th March: Georgia
  • 26th March: Azerbaijan
  • 27th March: Armenia
  • 28th March: Turkey
  • 29th March: Cyprus


22 March 2019
We finish our week in Russia and could easily get lost there. It's a massive country but sparsely populated. What's more, it's not too warm in Moscow for the next few days. Check that out and other things here.

21 March 2019
Not a great surprise to learn that we're looking at South Korea today. Richard spent a night in its capital Seoul on his flight back to the UK in 2009. Actually his hotel was the only building on a development site. Never mind

20 March 2019
Today it's North Korea, possibly the most secretive country in the world but don#'t tell anyone; it's a secret. The war with South Korea in the 1950s ravaged most of the country. An armistice, but no treaty, was signed in July 1953.

19 March 2019
Welcome to Japan, a large country made up of over 6,800 islands, of which 430 are inhabited. The four main islands are Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu. These islands make up over 95% of Japan's land area.

18 March 2019
We start this week in Taiwan, officially the Republic of China. Taiwan is an island state and not a member of the United Nations. China, which disputes ownership of Taiwan, does not agree with Taiwan becoming a member.

15 March 2019
China today. The largest country totally in Asia with the biggest population, bordering 14 other countries and with over ¾ of a billion people available for work. China is big. Our slightly smaller info is here

14 March 2019
Welcome to Mongolia, Asia's 7th largest country by land area but 41st most populated. Mongolia is in fact the most most sparsely populated sovereign state in the world and also the second largest landlocked country.

13 March 2019
Today sees the end of the countries ending in “stan”. We are looking at Tajikistan, home of the Tajiks. Once part of the Soviet Union and before that part of Uzbekistan, it is now an independent country.

12 March 2019
Today we are looking at Kyrgyzstan, the only country in the world with 2 Ys and 1 Z in its name. All the information is here

11 March 2019
Kazakhstan starts our week. The 4th largest country in Asia with the 25th highest population. Our density chart looks very yellow. Not very warm at the moment.

8 March 2019
Uzbekistan which, if you read yesterday's tweet, must be the home of the Uzbeks. Every country that borders Uzbekistan ends in “stan” too. Its capital Tashkent was once destroyed by Genghis Khan (Look him up).

7 March 2019
It's the third of four countries this week ending in “stan” and there's another 3 next week. “stan” is a Persian word meaning country of, so today we are in the country of the Turkmens. It's Turkmenistan

6 March 2019
Once known by the Greeks as Persia, today we are looking at Iran. It is the 8th largest country in Asia, has the 10th highest population and borders 7 other countries. Our info is here.

5 March 2019
Today we look at Afghanistan, a country devastated by internal conflict over many years, The life expectancy for males and females is below 55 and less than 50% of the population have a proper toilet.

4 March 2019
We start our week in Pakistan. Once two landmasses, separated by northern India, East Pakistan became Bangladesh in 1972. India, Pakistan and China still have disputes over the territory of Kashmir. Our info is here.

1 March 2019
The Maldives are a group of 26 atolls in the Indian Ocean and the smallest country by area and population in Asia. Also one of the world's lowest countries and prone to extinction with a small rise in sea levels.

28 February 2019
February ends and we look at Sri Lanka. It changed its name from Ceylon in 1972 and is well-known for its tea plantations. Interestingly, Sri Lanka is 5½ hours ahead of GMT.

27 February 2019
Today we are looking at the country with the second largest population in all of Asia. Today, it's India. Over one and a quarter billion people live there in the third biggest country in Asia.

26 February 2019
Nepal is home to eight of the ten highest mountains on earth including the highest, Mount Everest.

25 February 2019
Bhutan. Never colonised, once situated on the old Silk Road, it may also claim to have the highest unclimbed mountain in the world and is the lowest producer of carbon dioxide in Asia.


22 February 2019
We end the week in Bangladesh. Once part of India, then Pakistan, Bangladesh became an independent country in 1971. 29th largest by area in Asia but 5th largest by population, Bangladesh is pretty crowded.

21 February 2019
It's Myanmar today, also known as Burma. Myanmar has total land boundaries of 6,522 kms with five other countries. That's nearly as far as from London to New Delhi in India.

20 February 2019
Mid-week and we find ourselves looking at Laos, usually pronounced to rhyme with mouse. Pretty warm this week and if you have a kip, lots of them, you'd be quite wealthy in Laos. What to know why? It's all here

19 February 2019
Today we arrive in Vietnam with all the info here. Vietnam was the scene of one of the worst conflicts of the second half of the twentieth century.

18 February 2019
Here we go, onwards and eastwards really. Today it's Cambodia, a country with a sometimes violent past. Angkor Wat, a collection of temples is the largest religious monument in the world.


15 February 2019
We end the week in Thailand, a major tourist destination in Asia. It changed its name from Siam in the 1930s. Richard spent five weeks there. Check our info out here

14 February 2019
Looking at Singapore today. The second smallest country in Asia by land area and yet the sixteenth smallest by population. Also the second most densely populated country in the world after Monaco.

13 February 2019
Midweek finds us looking at Malaysia, basically a country in two parts; part on mainland Asia, part on the island of Borneo, shared with Indonesia and Brunei. See this is planned. Check Malaysia out here

12 February 2019
Today it's Brunei, a small country sharing an island with Malaysia and Indonesia. Richard spent six days in Brunei once, two of them by accident. These are his photos.
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11 February 2019
New week, new country. The Philippines is a collection of islands, over 7,000, and was named for Philip II of Spain in 1543. The sun and stars are on the flag.

8 February 2019
It's hot and rainy for the next few days in Indonesia, the sixth largest country in Asia with the third highest population.

7 February 2019
We begin 10 weeks in Asia, 12 if you count our Easter break, and start in East Timor. They became the first new country of the 21st century on 20 May 2002. New continent, new country; not a bad start.

6 February 2019
Our last day in Oceania and, as usual when we leave a continent, we have a country here and the dependencies here.

5 February 2019
It's the Solomon Islands today, all 900 of them. There are actually 6 main islands and it's looking a bit wet over the next few days, especially Friday. Weather and other info is here.

4 February 2019
We start the week in Vanuatu, home to the land divers, forerunner of the bungee jump. A fascinating tradition.

1 February 2019
Fiji today and it not only ends this week but is also the final country in Oceania that Richard has visited.